Hearing Me Softly


The midnight rain was the culprit for the muddy hillside we were hiking on this warm, humid morning.  Each step seemed like the last before we slid down the side of the steep mountainside, though it didn’t slow us down much.  Neither did the long skirt I had to wear for this journey, which kept getting in the way of using my hands for additional support.  The rain finally slowed as we soon reached the top and began to make our way through the tall grass and trees.  Our destination took us to a small humble abode of a 90-year-old man and his wife, Estuerdo and Evelyn.  

Myself, two American friends, and three Guatemalan friends were excited to see what God had planned for this couple.  The last two days were filled with miracles in more than 100 people. We saw God heal them of all kinds of sicknesses.  While reminiscing of God’s goodness, we explained to our Guatemalan friends, “when we reach this couples’ home, you will be the one to pray for them to receive healing. God can use you just as He can use us to lay hands on the sick and see them healed.  God does not show favor.” Romans 2:11

My heartbeat skipped as I stopped to take in the beauty of our Creator’s masterpiece before me.  Surely Estuerdo and Evenlyn would be billionaires with this prime real estate in any Western country located 140,000 feet above sea level and nothing but breathtaking mountainsides touched only by the sun.  

The hut was small and quaint. Their smiles and greetings were worth more than the land in which they lived.  Estuerdo explained how much he loved Jesus who had saved him and his wife over 75 years ago.  What an incredible legacy.

Unfortunately, age had taken his hearing and he was unable to hear out of his left ear.  The interpreter asked, speaking loudly in his good ear if we could pray for his hearing to return.  With his permission, our Guatemalan friends gently placed their hands on Estuerdo’s ears and began to pray.  

The American team members watched as the Guatemalan team began to pray. There was no formula, special prayer, chant, or method. There was only Jesus.  After prayer, we tested his hearing by having someone stand 2 feet behind him, while another person placed their hand over his good ear in front of him.  Word for word, Eduardo repeated the softly spoken words from our Guatemalan friend standing behind him, “God has healed me.”  

It’s amazing to me when I see a deaf person healed.  Before prayer you have to scream loudly in their ears in hopes that they can hear something or trust they have mastered the art of reading lips. After prayer and healing, you can simply talk in a soft whisper behind them and they can hear every word clearly.  This was one of those times. 

Thank You, Jesus! 

Two days prior, our Guatemalan friends had never seen anyone healed, prayed for the sick, or knew the power and authority they had in Christ to lay hands on the sick and see them healed.  If you had told them in the next two days they would see over 100 healings before your eyes, then you will pray for a deaf man and see him healed, they may not have believed you.  Just like you are probably thinking now.  

It’s okay.  We’ve all had those thoughts. You may be telling yourself, there is no way I could have done that?  What if nothing happened?  What if? What if? What if?  

What if you stepped out in faith and prayed for someone and God healed them?

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3 thoughts on “Hearing Me Softly”

  1. This testimonial is so timely. I’ve been contemplating “old age” and the “stuff” that comes with it. Turning 40 is a nightmare as doctors immediately begin putting curses on people: “Well, now that you’re 40…this that and the other and you should be tested for this that and the other.” Really?! The Bible says “Moses’ strength was not abated neither was his eyesight dim.” Does that sound like the dreaded plague called old age? I think we believers would be much further ahead if we began putting God’s Word above man’s. If God’s gonna restore the hearing of a 90 year old man then He can prevent me from ever losing mine in the first place. Amen? AMEN!
    You go, girl! Keep encouraging people because in Jesus Christ ALL things are possible to him who believes.

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    1. Christi – I completely agree with your comment. I received your comment today while I was talking to a few colleagues about what it’s like being 40 and I shared with them your feedback. There were a lot of agreeing grunts and emotions expressed as we said a digital “amen!” LOL!! The timing of this was incredible. We all stand in agreement with you that God has created us to live healthy lives. There are two important scriptures that I cling to when it comes to dealing with others declarations over us…..Proverbs 18:21 says, “there is life and death in the power of the tongue.” and Joshua 24:14-15 says, “choose today whom you will serve.” I choose to serve Jehovah Rapha, my healer, so the words that come out of my mouth align with what he says, not what the doctor says or society says about me at 40 years old!

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